What We Do

Using Alexa is easy; all of it is accomplished with simple voice commands. However, installing, configuring and customizing Alexa can be difficult. That’s where Our Voice comes in; our representatives are experts.
Whether in the home, or a senior residence community, an Our Voice representative comes to the client’s home to configure, customize and train on the use of the Amazon Alexa. The client is contacted prior to the meeting to assure the customer’s requirements are met.

Alexa provides a wealth of benefits. Alexa will read books to users, play their favorite music and radio stations, do their shopping, manage their calendar, play games such as Jeopardy, 20 Questions, and Hangman. This barely scratches the surface. There are more than seven thousand skills available for Alexa, and that number grows daily. You can think of an Alexa skill the same way you do an App for your Smartphone. Just as there is an App store, there's a skill store. However, the Alexa user doesn't have to download anything, a simple voice command makes the skill available. Our Voice constantly monitors skills coming to market that are most relevant to seniors and those with physical challenges.

Bringing Alexa to You.