If you are in distress, Alexa can immediately alert family and friends. Alexa responds to your command for help by calling, texting, and emailing the people identified on your emergency list. 

Alexa will play your favorite music and radio stations, manage your calendar, read your books and podcasts, get your news and weather, and much more; all by voice only. No software to learn or update, no keyboard or icons to press; you simply speak. 
Our Voice is partnered with Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind. We frequently work with the blind and those with low vision. The Amazon Echo can be a valuable tool in enhancing the lives of those dealing with vision issues. A lot of day-to-day activities can be accomplished using voice only. Placing a phone call is as easy saying, “Alexa, call John Smith’s mobile phone.” When someone is calling you on your Echo, Alexa will announce who is calling. To accept the call, simply say, “Alexa, answer.”

Amazon Prime members can shop by voice. With close to 500 million products in Amazon’s inventory, it’s almost certain they will have the product you’re looking for. The Echo makes reordering products very easy. For instance, when low on paper towels, you'd say, “Alexa, reorder paper towels.” In no more than a day or two, your favorite paper towel brand and size are at your door. Shopping by voice is not only convenient, it restores a vital sense of independence.

Blind & Low Vision