The Alexa App (on PC or Smartphone) connected to the Echo makes it easy for you to monitor your loved one’s use of the Echo. You can see their requests for information, music, books, shopping, etc. When a request is made of the Echo, a “card” is delivered to the Alexa App. The card provides you with a visual representation of their activity on the Echo. If you choose to have Alexa set up on your smartphone and/or PC, on behalf of a loved one, you can help them enjoy and get the most out of the Echo. For instance, you can remotely control their Echo and have their favorite music play or book read, at a particular time.

It’s an ideal combination. Your loved one can use the Echo independently, but you can monitor and assist when needed. Remember, Echo’s intelligence is in the cloud, so you can assist regardless of where you are physically located.

Family Member / Caregiver