What We Do

Using voice only, Alexa will:

- Read books to you
- Play your favorite music and radio stations
- Place and receive phone calls
- Alert family and friend if in distress
- Search the Internet
- Do your shopping
- And, much more
Whether in the home or a senior residence community, an Our Voice representative comes to the client’s home to install, configure, customize, and train the client on the use of Amazon’s Alexa. 

Alexa provides a wealth of benefits. There are more than 25,000 skills available for Alexa (a number that grows daily). You can think of an Alexa skill the same way you do an App for your Smartphone. Just as there is an App store, there is a skill store. However, the Alexa user doesn't have to download anything, a simple voice command makes the skill available. For instance, let’s say you want the CNN skill; you’d simply say, “Alexa, enable CNN.” A few seconds later, you have the CNN skill available to you. Our Voice constantly monitors skills coming to market that are most relevant to seniors and those with physical challenges.

Bringing Alexa to You.